Saturday, September 16, 2017

[Pann] Let's up-vote/down-vote on ideal types

[Nate: Pann] It's late at night so let's play up-vote/down-vote on ideal types!!!!!

Someone that's usually chic but smiles once in a while vs. Someone who's always smiling and puts you in a good mood

Comments yours, go go~

1. [+388, -109] Up-vote for guys who can play the piano, down-vote for guys who can play the guitar

2. [+337, -89] No double eyelids vs. Double eyelids

3. [+315, -52] Kawaii in the streets senpai in the sheets vs. Senpai in the streets kawaii in the sheets

4. [+221, -22] Hair down vs. Hair up

5. [+179, -18] Clean cut style (white shirt, jeans, slacks) vs. Street style 

6. [+171, -43] Eye smile vs. Pretty smiles (tn: It's actually a specific type of smile called "입동굴" but I have no idea how to translate it. Basically when you can see "caves" in peoples' smiles. Here's some pics for reference.)

7. [+147, -19] Skinny guys vs. Kind of chubby and soft guys 

8. [+139, -60] Corrupted beauties like Dane Dehaan vs. Cuties like Paul Craddock 

9. [+135, -35] Guys who can sing vs. Guys who can dance 

10. [+124, -115] Tan vs. Super pale  

11. [+109, -38] Guys overflowing with manliness vs. Cute guys 

12. [+101, -67] Model body type that's skinny with long limbs vs. A little bit muscular and same height as you

13. [+95, -26] Sexy aura vs. Sexy brain 

14. [+88, -35] 184 cm tall sweet looking guy vs. 175 cm tall super handsome looking guy

15. [+87, -29] Suit vs. Uniform

16. [+83, -106] Guys who look good in school uniform vs. Guys who look good in plain clothes

17. [+75, -56] Half hair up (5:5 hairstyle, comma hairstyle, etc.) vs. Hair down 

18. [+70, -12] Someone like Woo Dohwan who looks cold but when they smile, they look totally different vs. Someone like Park Bogum who looks warm but looks cold when they're serious (don't think about his foxy personality or whatever just based on looks)

19. [+59, -13] Someone that makes your heart flutter comfortably vs. Someone that makes your heart flutter nervously

20. [+50, -22] Someone that acts like they don't care about you (Tsundere) vs. Someone that's always taking care of you

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