Tuesday, September 5, 2017

[Pann] Let's talk about nicknames your family calls you by

My name is ___ ___ Bin so my mom and dad call me Bin-ah~ but my oppa just calls me "Ya (tn: Hey you)"...... or "Sekki-ya (tn: bastard, punk, asshole, etc.... lol)"....

Whenever my mother wants something from me, wants to borrow money from me, or if the weather's nice, or if she's in a good mood, she'll call me "Gongjoo~ Gongjoo~~ (tn: Princess)

And sometimes in the morning, she'll wake me up by hugging me tightly and say "Princess~ Wake up~ It puts me in a good mood all day... even though I'm a 9th grader.


[Nate: Pann] Do you have a nickname your family calls you by??

1. [+341, -3] I was the D-day countdown 100 days before the SATs, fuk..... made me so pissed... "Go to sleep 90 days", "Come eat 80 days", "You woke up early 74 days". I thought I was going crazy.

2. [+205, -4] I'm 30 years old but... my oppa calls me something even my parents don't and it's driving me crazy.... Every since I was little, he called me "baby" and he still does to this day.. You would think we have a huge age gap right? But no, we're barely 3 years apart.... Drives me nuts. As if baby is not enough, he'll sometimes be like "baby one more time~" and sing that song from Jewelry and think he's the funniest piece of shit.. He's married and has a child too... ha.....

3. [+193, -2] My younger brother is 18 years old and I call him by his name, but I guess it's because he's the maknae but my parents call him "aegi (tn: baby)" When I'm talking to my parents they'll be like "Where did aegi go?" "What school is aegi going to?" He seems like the baby since he's the maknae of our family but he's over 180 cm tall and has wide shoulders and looks like some general that would protect a village.

4. [+69, -0] I'm "cave woman" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My dad saw me at home barefaced, face in bun, glasses on, and got shocked and started calling me that. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My whole family calls me that...

5. [+62, -1] I'm "Ddaeng-yi" and my brother is "Ddoong-yi" because he has a big build. Together spells "Ddoong Ddaeng-yi (tn: fattie)"

6. [+58, -0] My younger sibling used to smile a lot when we went gga-ggoong (tn: peek-a-boo) so that became his/her nickname. In high school my sibling was walking with his/her friends and my mom was driving and spotted my sibling and screamed to the heavens, "Peekaboo!!!!!! Peekaboo~~~~!!" waving her hands and all. His/her friends began to use that nickname too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He/she is 23 years old, but the nickname still remains ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+43, -3] My friend's dad calls her "Yamaggo"... I didn't get it at first, but it's "Ggomaya (tn: little kid)" backwards. ㅋㅋ I was so jealous.

8. [+37, -0] I got caught by my oppa for searching "Biggest boobs in the word" on Naver so my nickname is "Seh-jael-gat (tn: World's biggest boobs shortened)".... My parents think that gat = goddess and calls my brother nice for calling me that

9. [+35, -0] My dad used to call me Gongjoo (tn: Princess) when I was young and still does even though I'm a mom now. He calls me Princess so naturally like when we're at the supermarket and everyone turns to look.. but I also so naturally reply, "What is it Dad?" and I come back to reality 10 seconds later..... I feel like this nickname is a big reason that's keeping our relationship intact  

10. [+32, -0] I don't know if they were influenced by the Reply series but they call me gaeddal.... ruff ruff.... (tn: Literally means dog daughter but it's what Sung Dongil called his troublemaking daughters in the Reply dramas)

11. [+28, -0] My friends tease me because my family still calls me Gongjoo! I'm the oldest daughter and in my 30s.....

12. [+26, -0] My dad calls me Rose because he thinks I'm pretty but have a dirty personality....

13. [+22, -0] I always say "I'll wake up in 5 minutes" so I became "5 more minutes"

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