Saturday, September 2, 2017

[Pann] Jimin looking different in recent airport pictures?

Her face changed so suddenly..
I don't know if it's surgery or fillers but personally, I liked her old face better
She's pretty now but she was charming
She kind of looks like Ha Yeonsoo + Baek Jiyoung
She does looks prettier, that's for sure.. jealous... wonder what procedures she went though
She used to look chic but now she looks more cute.

[Nate: Pann] What's wrong with Jimin's face..?

[+382, -5] Something's changed for sure, but I don't know what;;

[+176, -1] Something really did change 

[+139, -15] She got contour surgery ㅋㅋ

[+71, -0] It's obvious she got something done, she looks really youthful now.. Her laugh lines are gone and her skin's looking really young. I'm super curious what procedures she did. ㅜㅜ Because of my face shape, I've had laugh lines ever since I was in elementary school, what did she do 

[+66, -2] She was pretty before and after but she looks like a different person

[+59, -0] She looks different for sure but what exactly changed....?

[+56, -3] It's because she fixed something that she looks like she's in her early 20s when she's in her mid 20s;; She turned super youthful looking.. her laugh lines disappeared and her cheeks used to be sagging but they became more plump and lifted. She's fixed something for sure.

[+37, -0] It's jaw surgery, her chin's not sticking out

[+36, -0] I think it's her chin that she fixed?? If you look at the last picture, her chin's looking different. 

[+29, -3] She turned super pretty ㅋㅋㅋ It's because of all of you who picked on her looks.

[+27, -1] Huh? I don't think that's Jimin.

[+25, -3] She looks like a foreigner now, more like a South East Asian

[+25, -0] Wtf, she's a different person now..?

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