Sunday, September 3, 2017

BTS passes a million preorders in Korea for 'Love Yourself 承 Her'

[Naver: OSEN] BTS surpasses a million preorders.. 'best record'

1. [+3032, -184] Hul it passed a million copies not including international orders? Daebak.

2. [+2653, -185] I'm not fond of idols but passing a million physical copies when this generation is all about digital downloads is amazing.

3. [+2189, -148] Let's hit daebak on this album too BTS!! ㅜㅜ Fighting!

4. [+2124, -171] I also contributed. I started from buying the 'The Most Beautiful Moment in Life' series. BTS's albums is all about listening to it in order. They put this kind of particular emotion and storyline that's hard to see in albums these days. In BTS we trust, yup.

5. [+1837, -136] BTS is so amazing, I'm so proud of them. I'm really, really looking forward to their comeback~

6. [+660, -28] I enjoyed BTS's passionate performance at Seo Taiji's 25 year anniversary concert. I'll buy an album and become a fan~ Taiji & BTS~

7. [+611, -16] More than a million preorders in Korea only... seriously amazing

8. [+602, -14] They were continuously #1 on Amazon too.. Exactly how high will it become including international orders

9. [+564, -10] Big Hit surely made a big hit. It's a hit alright, a hit.

10. [+542, -17] How unprecedented.

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