Saturday, January 7, 2017

'Your Name' tops Korea's box office

[Naver: Ilgan Sports] 'Your Name' brings in 330,000 admissions in opening week, to break 1 million admissions today (8th)

1. [+779, -81] The drawing, scenery, and songs are daebak. The story will leave you in a daze. It's not your typical love story.

2. [575, -46] The movie will make you feel emotional for a while.

3. [+504, -45] The colors are so pretty. It's a movie that leaves a lasting impression.

4. [360, -72] Better than Korean movies

5. [+209, -26] The power of Korea's way of making things viral is amazing

6. [+83, -11] I was sick of all the gangster movies. This movie made me feel better.

7. [+67, -6] Then would that make Japanese people who listen to k-pop traitors... We just watch it because it's good, how is that being a traitor ㅋㅋ

8. [+48, -7] I hope through 'Your Name', Korean animation can change for the better ^^

9. [+43, -7] I'm 3,000 times more happier watching an animation movie than wasting 8,000 won to see idols act ^^

10. [+47, -9] I personally love Makoto Shinkai's works including this one, but it's still too early to compare him to Hayao Miyazaki. Shinkai's works' aura, visual style, and songs stand out but his stories lack probability. His works always feel like it's missing something. If he works on his storytelling a bit better, he'll be up to Miyazaki.

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