Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Park Jimin talks about her struggle with dieting and lotus roots

[Naver: OSEN] 'Wednesday Food Talk' Park Jimin, "People in Thailand don't eat lotus roots.. it's cruel"

"I'm at the age where dieting is the hardest....My agency tells me to diet, but I like to eat everything except for lotus roots....It hurts my heart. I lived in Thailand and their representative flower is a lotus flower so eating lotus roots are cruel. People in Thailand don't eat lotus roots."

1. [+5949, -234] Sharks are pitiful, whales are pitiful, lotus roots are pitiful, but pigs are delicious... so annoying

2. [+4536, -280] Well that's their culture. So many twisted people here.

3. [+2995, -192] Oh so lotus roots are called yeongeun... Have to admit, it's not really something I crave. But a while back, I suddenly I was losing lots of blood for days from a nose bleed and it didn't get better even though I went to a hospital~ But I totally healed after eating lotus roots for a couple days. It was so cool. From that day on, I have such respect for lotus roots ㅋㅋㅋIt works wonders!!

4. [+2529, -79] It's so good though. I love braised and fried lotus root. 

5. [+1434, -62] Thai people eat lotus roots too..

6. [+538, -16] Never thought the day would come where I would hear someone say eating lotus roots are cruel.

7. [+531, -18] She thinks she's at the age where dieting is hard... Omo sweetie.... The older you get, even breathing in air makes you gain weight.

8. [+547, -33] I respect personal preferences because saying it's "cruel" can be a really grotesque expression for others. Personal preference doesn't mean they're wrong, they're just different. I understand her statement because she's young, but I think it's important to know this so I'm commenting. If she reads my comment, I hope she thinks over her words.

9. [+466, -7] I lived in Thailand for over 10 years.. and they do eat lotus roots.. like a lot..

10. [+399, -10] Thai people do eat lotus roots though..? I ate a ton of if at Chiang Mai barbecue place ㅋㅋ

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