Friday, January 6, 2017

NCT explains their team structure to that of a pro baseball team

[Naver: My Daily] "NCT is a group that's like a pro baseball team, leave it to your imagination"

"Just like how the pro baseball league has teams such as Doosan, LG, etc., NCT is comparable. There are foreign members on each team and there is even a teen team too."

1. [+692, -616 I get they're trying to be all revolutionary but it's hard for the public to be all accepting of this. NCT 127 seemed to do the best last year so I think SM is trying to properly push for them. It's not too late to try to make NCT 127 rise first and the other units to follow suit. Be wise in this SM.

2. [+591, -78] Honestly, besides Mark, I don't know who's who. SM needs to promote them better. Start by getting the team out there, so frustrating.

3. [+1435, -371] Better off stanning for Man.CT (Manchester City) than NCT

4. [+380, -81] Yuta is such an Osaka hottie

5. [+139, -31] Jaemin, hurry get better.. Ten too on your knee! Just like Mark said, don't run around and slowly walk! No need to rush! Your supporters will always be there for you so let's have a fun time! Love you.

6. [+74, -11] Rather than this being a style Koreans like... NCT's songs has a distinct color. Limitless was a song that was able to showcase their unique style.

7. [+82, -14] I love SM's album tracks... Limitless is good, but their other songs off the album are so good. Since they're a hoobae group, I'm more interested ^^ Hwaiting.

8. [+78, -13] NCT hwaiting! Show us lots of different sides to you!

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