Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[Instiz] SM Kids Model competition's final 15 that beat a 400:1 competition

total of 6127 applicants
competition of 400:1
final SM kids models consists of 9 boys and 6 girls

boys (from oldest to youngest)

1. Kim Ye Joon (2007er)

- 'Misaeng' Jang Geurae's child actor
- 'Kill Me Heal Me' Oh Rion's child actor
- 'Who Are You' Gong Taegwang's child actor
- 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo' Jung Joonhyung's child actor

2. Bae Kang Yoo (2007er)

- National Theatre Company 'The Winter's Tale' Mamillius and Time roles
- Movie 'Pandora' Kim Nam Gil's nephew role

3. David Janssen (2008er)

- Appeared in 'Oh My Baby'
- Appeared in 'Fly 6 Shooters'
- Famous for being a NCT Taeyong lookalike

4. Jung Woo Joo (2008er)

- Famous for being an iKON Bobby and EXO Chen lookalike

5. Lee Ha Kyum (2008er)

- Appeared as "Little Wonbin" on SBS 'Star King'

6. Kim Do Hyun (2009er)

- Sunday x DickPunks Kim Taehyun's Still MV (SM Station)

7. Jung Hyun Joon (2011er)

8. Lee Young Joon (2011er)

(girls from oldest to youngest)

1. Shim Eui Jin (2007er)

- Appeared in '2 Days & 1 Night' audience tour

2. Lee Hyun Suh (2007er)

3. Kim Ha Eun (2009er)

- Sunday x Dick Punks Kim Taehyun's Still MV (SM Station)

4. Kang Joo Ha (2009er)

- Kidsdol 'Vitamin' member

5. Park Se Ah (2011er)

(not much pics for Sung Woo and Se Ra) 

[Instiz] Final SM Kids Model 1st generation members that beat a 400:1 competition
(tn: more pics here)

- why are they all so pretty and handsome

- if only I had a younger sibling like them....

- wow, they all have such defined features... 

- they look similar to:
Lee Ha Kyum -> Min Kyung Hoon
Jung Hyun Joon -> D.O
Shim Eui Jin -> (only the first pic) Kim Sae Ron
Kang Joo Ha -> Na Ha Eun
Park Se Ah -> Ji Hyo

- oppa...? unni...?

- I really hope they don't put makeup on the kids though.... there's really no need to shoot pictorials that make them look more mature... 

- wow I wonder how much prettier and handsomer they'll look when they get older

- idk.. doing this to such young kids is.... hm.... 

- their makeup is a bit excessive.. they're kids.. at the age where they'll look cute even without makeup

- born in 2011.....

- oh my god 2011, they're babies...

(tn: lots of Woo Joo, David, Do Hyun, Hyun Joon, and Ha Eun comments)

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