Saturday, November 19, 2016

'Infinity Challenge' collaborates with hip hop artists to spread the word about Korean history

[Naver: OSEN] 'Infinity Challenge' Emotional history special, amazing viewer ratings of 14.9%

1. [+826, -5] I learned a ton watching yesterday's episode. I also realized again and again, that this country's rightful owners are the citizens. 

2. [+557, -8] Infinity Challenge is the truth~~ Such an amazing show.

3. [+ 3432, -50] It was a time where I reflected on myself who was ignorant about our history. Really looking forward to the songs. 

4. [+3475, -100] I like Infinity Challenge but MBC is trash

5. [+2335, -41] I was touched from the beginning to end. I'm over 50, but it's my first time getting the chills and getting so touched from a Korean history lecture. Right now marks a strong resemblance to the 1592 Japanese invasion. We lack a strong leader like Admiral Yi Sun Shin right now... 

6. [+510, -12] Again, I realized that history is like the future's mirror~ Never forget Japan's brutality.  It wasn't the leaders that bore the weight of this country, but the citizens that rose above all. Let's have strength, Korea!!

[Naver: My Daily] "For the citizens that lost their smiles"... 'Infinity Challenge' History x Hip Hop gives us comfort 

1. [+4807, -78] Infinity Challenge goes beyond what a variety show is, giving people strength and serves as a model for other programs. 

2. [+3965, -41] Wishing not to have so much as a speck of shame toward heaven until the day I die, I suffered, even when the wind stirred the leaves. (tn: Poet Yoon Dong Joo's "Foreword") 

3. [+3432,- 50] Learned a lot watching this show

4. [+3475, -100] Maybe because Park Geunhye resembles her father, but her determination is amazing, really.... Is it in her family that she'll only step down if she gets assassinated? Park Geunhye... Chicken Geunhye...Ms. Gil Ra Im.... it's about time you should step down and give up

5. [+2335, -41] Infinity Challenge is the truth~

6. [+474, -10] If I only I had a history teacher like him... All we do is memorize dates... so useless 

7. [+452, -8] I teared up hearing about King Sejong..... When can we have a leader like him again in our time.... How could a King with his mindset exist back then... It's impossible not to respect and look up to him... I hope after Park Geunhye resigns, she lives her life repenting. 

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