Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Park Minwoo enlisting as a public service officer on the 29th

[Naver: news 1] Park Minwoo's reps: "Assigned to public service due to health reasons, enlisting on the 29th" (official statement)

1. [+5163, -146] I mean why are celebrities perfectly fine when they're promoting but when it's time to go to the army they all become sick and choose public service? Do they truck on despite being sick when earning money but not when they're enlisting? Or is it that only handicapped people can become celebrities?

2. [+4170, -111] He became so damn unlikable after being on 'Roommate'. He was promoting so freely on dramas and variety shows but what skill he has, transforming to a sick patient when it's time to enlist.

3. [+3093, -82] So freaking unlikable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+2916, -64] Didn't know celebrities are people that are all sick.. I see.

5. [+1992, -50] What the heck. He's not being quiet about this at all... if his friends see this article... they'll know (tn: referring to company's statement: "... He's usually reserved even with people he knows so he will enlist quietly...."

6. [+402, -5] Why are there so many sick celebrities

7. [+378, -8] We need to know how he's sick to be convinced. Are you another case of being born with a golden spoon????

8. [+356, -3] He knows he'll get hate but is going with public service...

9. [+345, -5] They don't even mention his health condition....

10. [+308, -3] He seems fine.. Always the health excuses.. Should've just served and get it over with.

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