Friday, September 23, 2016

Jung Joonyoung's agency clarifies sexual assault news

[Naver: E Daily] Jung Joonyoung's reps: "Accused of sexual assault, wrapped up as acquitted" (official statement)

Happened a few months ago. The woman was his past girlfriend. Wrapped up with his acquittal.

1. [+10,582, -420] They didn't even check their facts.... look at the journalist's class...

2. [+7818, -270] Realized yet again how important it is finding the right man or woman

3. [+7284, -250] I believe it's only right for sexual assaulters to receive punishment but with all the sexual assault news recently, I can't help but have my suspicions. At this rate, it's only going to hurt the real victims.

4. [+4513, -207] What's with everyone lately...

5. [+2691, -164] Hul..... what's this.....

6. [+1000, -100] But if he's really innocent and these articles pop up, he must feel so wronged. He's left with a tarnished image too.

7. [+1052, -153] It's even more strange how this got dug up ㅋㅋㅋ His acquittal and ex-girlfriend, suspicious

8. [+945, -126] He was acquitted and this case was closed but Sports Seoul wrote up an "Exclusive" article yesterday. They need to reflect, seriously.

9. [+869, -122] Don't journalists know how stating a name will change so many things. Journalists need to stop recklessly mentioning names.

10. [+831, -124] He was able to go on variety shows because he was acquitted. The class of trashy journalists who will do anything for clicks.

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