Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jung Joonyoung pressed charges by ex-girlfriend for filming her body in secret during sexual relations

[Naver: Yonhap News] Jung Joonyoung charged with 'GF candid camera' filming.... Prosecutors: "Reinvestigating from the beginning"

1. [+9426, -404] How could he take a picture while having sex with his girlfriend... that's not quite right...

2. [+8463, -345] Jung Joonyoung.... bye

3. [+6421, -253] Hul.....

4. [+5529, -137] There's one thing missing here. The police requested him to submit his phone but he said it was broken.

5. [+4885, -131] Facts: While having sexual relations with his girlfriend, he filmed with his phone without her consent and now he claims his phone is broken. Now the investigations are starting from the beginning..... yep, bye

6. [+3061, -60] He even commented on an article when the news first broke out with "Me?" So shameless.

7. [+2958, -53] The fact that he filmed her in secret is so freaking dirty... Consent or not, it's bye-bye for you... I liked Jung Joonyoung but I feel such betrayal, seriously...

8. [+3074, -73] I bet he showed it to his bros.... all giddy and giggling

9. [+2994, -73] He's a man too so I can understand him sleeping with his girlfriend but how could he do a candid camera..... there are so many women whose lives gets ruined because of that. You should protect what should be protected if you're not thinking about being with her forever.

10. [+2870, -42] Filming is the worst of the worst

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