Monday, September 19, 2016

[Instiz] Ranking of favorite female singers by lesbians

Voting held from 9/12-9/18.
Vote for 5 female idols/solo singers.
Voting for actresses next week.
9/12 edit: Nine Muses, EXID, Miss A, added to voting.
9/13 edit: Ailee, Jessica, Younha, Hyuna, Nana added to voting.
9/13 edit: Jessi and Rainbow added to voting.

1880 people participated with a total of 9356 votes.

1. Red Velvet's Irene
1. f(x)'s Krystal
3. Red Velvet's Seulgi
4. Mamamoo's Moonbyul
5. SNSD's Taeyeon
6. Mamamoo's Wheein
7. Mamamoo's Solar
9. Twice's Jungyeon
10. I.O.I's Kim Doyeon
11. f(x)'s Amber
12. SNSD's Tiffany
13. Brown Eyed Girls's Gain
14. Mamamoo's Hwasa
15. SNSD's Yoona
16. IU
17. Red Velvet's Joy
18. Wonder Girls's Sunmi
19. Lee Hyori
20. Red Velvet's Yeri

[Instiz] Ranking of favorite female celebrities by lesbians

- All Red Velvet and Mamamoo members...

- Kinda accurate?

- Crazy... I voted for 1-5!!!!!

- Where was the voting held?!
-- Through Twitter. She thought the one going around a portal site wasn't accurate so she held one herself. But since this was held on Twitter, it's not completely accurate either but pretty close.

- If this included actresses, Han Hyojoo

- Surprisingly no Jessica

- Doesn't matter if you're lesbian or gay, tastes seem to be similar with everyone.
-- Agree. Nothing was really surprising. This felt more like a popularity contest if anything.

- Can't believe there's no Jessica or Moon Chaewon...!

- Where's Suzy

- No Sohee

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