Saturday, September 10, 2016

[Instiz] 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics ceremony to include K-Pop

Pyeongchang organizers are planning to show the traditional Korean wedding ceremony and a K-Pop program.

[Instiz] K-Pop performance planned for Pyeongchang Olympics.jpg

- The article doesn't specify if the K-Pop program they're planning is some kind of booth or other promotional event. It doesn't say that there will be an actual K-Pop performance at the ceremony so please don't get ahead of yourself and curse at the idols.

- I'm so pissed that I keep commenting and erasing them but since Instiz doesn't allow curse words, It'll be wise for me to end it as is here

- All things aside, please just don't lip sync

- I'm a K-Pop fan, but please don't... It's the Olympics, after all ㅠㅅㅠ

- Japan's Olympics didn't have Love Live Muse and Canada's Olympics didn't make Justin Bieber sing 'Baby'.. I'm not saying idols are bad but the Olympics represent a country....
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-- Taylor Swift sang 'Blank Space' at the U.S. Olympics.... and in the London Olympics, One Direction sang 'Drag Me Down'.. didn't they?

- K-Pop is a popular part of our culture. Idols go abroad and promote our country a ton but so many people are really looking down on them, huh ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're not saying that they're going to put out an end of the year music concert, K-Pop is just one of the cultural things planned to introduce.  I'm sure it will be planned really cool...
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- Only our country belittles its own culture~~~~~

- Am I the only one fine with it... It's not going to be like a music show with idol performances lined up. If it's just like two opening songs, I think it'll be ok 'ㅅ'

- Think about the London Olympics, Pyeongchang...!!!!! Please!!!!! This isn't even the Asian Games, it's the Olympics!!!!!!!!!

- I knew it....

- Wow, I had a conversation not too long ago about this... We talked about what foreigners would enjoy watching + Korean culture = Just Jerk or B-Boying and hoped that idols and Psy would be excluded ㅎㅎ But....

- Looks like we'll be having a Dream Show Concert, global version... No matter how much K-Pop is representative of Korea, there should've been some effort to spread word about Korea's history, it's growth, and past struggles, but no support for such has been given. Including idols without a thought to work up the crowd, I'm not really feeling it... Olympics cost a ton... Honestly, investing time and money to show idols to everyone is not right... Idols is basically Japanese culture + Western music.. I'm not belittling idols, but looking at it objectively, they call it native Korean culture, and include it in such international festivities, but... idol culture itself started in Japan. If Japan invited AKB48 and Arashi to their Olympics, it would be a more appropriate situation. Using so much money to bring idols is such a waste of budget.....  Except for fans, I'm sure there will be people who feel turned off. Please put some effort.
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- I wish they can show traditional Korean dance, wearing pretty hanbok...
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- How ironic. This is a site known to have one of the biggest K-Pop community but there are only a few who feel proud about idol culture...? Off topic, but when I traveled to Southeast Asia, there was even a channel dedicated to Hallyu which explains the high exposure of Korea. I think K-Pop is competitive enough to be picked.
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- ...........................................................................................................................................................

- Ah, I seriously hate it

- Don't think this is right.

- I want to see K Tigers

- Um, not feeling it. I like idols, but this is a bit...

- What's with the comments ㅋㅋㅋ I'm sure the song will be arrangements. It's not really a place to get a crowd going anyways. They might do a collaboration including the gayageum for example.

- A little worried, but no need to be so negative about it.. It's not like they're excluding any traditional showings and just doing K-Pop. K-Pop is technically part of our culture, but seeing the article responses questioning why standards have been lowered for a worldwide event made me so shocked. It's not like you guys don't listen to K-Pop so I don't get why everyone's so embarrassed about it.
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-- K-Pop is just one out of 10 programs planned. The main showing is planned for a traditional one.

- The reason why we want a gayageum or traditional dance performance is because it's the art that can showcase Korea the best. It's not that we're acting conservative, but K-Pop can't actually show Korea's emotions and rightful beauty. There are so many beautiful Korean art, but instead of letting those be known and choosing K-Pop instead, how frustrating.... Since the whole world's watching, we should show what Korea is really like. K-Pop is not really it.
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