Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hani and Junsu part ways after a year of dating

[Naver: Yonhap News] (Exclusive) Kim Junsu and Hani break up after a year... "Remain as senior and junior relationship"

1. [+16,352, -215] They broke up faster than I thought

2. [+11,276, -509] Hani used to be doing so well.. On top of breaking up with him, she must be having a hard time lately

3. [+7614, -357] As expected the expected is expected

4. [+7515, -505] We all saw it coming, right~?

5. [+5980, -107] Always the same reason for idol breakups: Naturally grew apart due to busy schedules

6. [+2980, -166] They didn't break up recently, it's actually been a while. I think they're being careful by saying they were in a one year relationship. It was 5~6 months ago when Hani would randomly burst into tears. I bet they already broke up then. They broke up and she kept crying because of it. Announcing their breakup after a few months won't look good so they announced the news now.

7. [+2693, -183] I only pity Hani. Next is Zico and Seolhyun.

8. [+2365, -97] I wonder if the reason Hani cried on broadcast so randomly was because of this. I have a feeling they already broke up then and only announced it now.

9. [+2329, -113] It wasn't voluntarily announced. Dispatch basically forced the announcement... It's only natural for a young man and woman to date. A case where the media is at fault.

10. [+2628, -222] I feel like only Hani got negatively affected... Must be tough on her

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