Friday, September 23, 2016

CL's U.S. tour set for October

[Naver: Star News] CL's tour set for October, starting in New York to nine other cities

1. [+549, -82] I hope CL's U.S. venture turns out successful~

2. [+557, -89] She's not doing anything wrong or forcing you to buy tickets.. Why the negativity? Since she officially debuted, she's promoting herself. She's working hard so let's cheer for her. CL hwaiting!

3. [+473, -66] She's the first Korean artist to officially debut and promote under a major U.S. label so I hope things work out well.. No need to speak on her talent. I hope she doesn't lose her roots and works until she reaches her goal.. Until the time comes where she comes on the MTV, Grammy, or Billboard Awards.. I'll be supporting her. Hwaiting!!!

4. [+363, -53] She's doing well, slowly but surely.. She gets to kill two birds with one stone, raking in tour money and promoting herself.

5. [+358, -67] A solo tour? How cool. CL hwaiting.

6. [+48, -9] I don't like CL either but what has she done so wrong to get so much hate as the only Korean artist to debut in the U.S.? Why though? Whether she succeeds or not, if you haven't done anything, just mind your own business.. No need to curse. Did she have an acting controversy? Did she lip sync? Talk bad on a variety show? She wants to make music in the U.S. Did you buy her song? Buy a ticket? So what's the fuss? If she did something strange, curse her out, but there's no reason to hate on her now.

7. [+39, -6] The U.S. isn't like Korea where you can get known through music programs. They have tours like that to get their name out there. Tours are not only for popular people. It's just a method of promotion. As fellow Koreans, let's cheer her on.

8. [+75, -19] CL hwaiting!!!!

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