Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Shin Minah and Lee Jehoon confirmed as married couple for tvN drama

[Naver: X Sports News] Shin Minah and lee Jehoon confirmed for 'Tomorrow With You'... as a married couple (official statement)

1. [+4298, -69] Lee Jehoon in a melodrama!!!!!!!!! (hyperventilating)

2. [+2637, -70] It's the same producers as 'Oh My Ghostess' so they have my trust

3. [+2087, -60] Crazy, Lee Jehoon ㄷㄷㄷㄷ Worthy of tuning in

4. [+1988, -62] Jehoon-nim

5. [+1225, -62] Ooooh excited!!!

6. [+344, -43] Actress Shin, please act well this time... There have been so many good actors recently that the viewers' standards have gone way up.. We're tired of seeing your poor acting. I think as viewers we waited and gave you enough time

7. [+338, -45] Maybe it's because Shin Minah plays the same characters, but her acting doesn't seem to improve. The amount of hate she gets for her acting despite her acting experience should be considered a talent

8. [+256, -35] Shin Minah, did your acting get better?

9. [+211, -23] They look fine on their own, but together... they honestly don't match... I wonder if there will be chemistry... There should be some sort of feeling before we see them act but I can't imagine it

10. [+284, -54] Shin Minah's not that great at acting though

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