Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Is it now the era of public dating for idols?

[Naver: Herald Kyungjae] Is it now the era of public dating for idols too?

1. [+3205, -32] What era of public dating when they are forced to go public?

2. [+2090, -23] Did the couples themselves go public? They have no choice when blatant picture evidence is released

3. [+1802, -30] But for idols, it's part of their job to have this fantasy image. It can't be helped that going public will set a blow to their image

4. [+1229, -68] Let them date, who cares, but I know y'all will eventually date so don't lie on Radio Star or something and say you're not
- If those questions aren't asked, they won't have a reason to lie

5. [+1044, -135] They're all adults so let them date in peace...

6. [+229, -7] What do you mean, Dispatch forcefully makes them go public.. Looking at the pictures, it seems like they followed them for a while too...

7. [+188, -5] 'Is it now the era of public dating for idols too?' The title is too funny ㅋㅋㅋ You're missing 'forceful' in the middle.

8. [+163, -6] More like they had no choice but to go public...

9. [+172, -10] I don't think there have been any idols whose image has gotten better going public with their dating

10. [+149, -9] They all date without making it obvious, too. It's just that Dispatch digs them out. What era of public dating?

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