Saturday, August 13, 2016

[Instiz] The 'Choshiknyeo' test

Choshiknyeo = herbivore girl: Girls who have no interest in the opposite sex and don't care about dating

Choshiknyeo test:

1. You don't particularly have someone you like or even interested in.

2. Even if you take interest, it ends with passive feelings.

3. You don't feel the same way about the people who like you.

4. Rather than being jealous of the couples around you, you wonder more about why so and so is dating so and so.

5. You enjoy hanging out with your friends or mom over guys.

6. You tend to not know what loneliness feels like.

7. You have a lot of interest in cultural arts like: paintings, movies, music, etc.

8. You trust reality more than fantasy.

9. Your personality is more on the cynical side.

10. Rather than thinking about meeting someone and living together, you value your own self being.

[Instiz] Characteristics of choshiknyeos that are a lot more abundant these days than expected

- I fit all the conditions.... but it's okay. I'm going to treasure myself a bit longer.

- Yup, that's me.. but I like my life so~

- Oh, not me!

- I feel jealous and my heart flutters seeing couples and think when's my turn? but I don't want to share my feelings. I want to receive love but I don't want to meet people. A date mate? It would be nice to have someone like that but not actually dating ㅋㅋㅋ

- 7 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Nothing much makes my heart pound so I'm getting worried...

- 9... Wow, but I actually like meat?

- Wow, I fit all of them.... I like living by myself and feel the most comfortable hanging out with my mom or by myself rather than with friends. And aside from 2Ds and idols, I have no interest in guys

- I want to date but don't want to date

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