Monday, August 8, 2016

'Doctors' surpasses 20% in viewer ratings against the Olympics

[Naver: Yonhap News] SBS 'Doctors' surpasses 20% viewer ratings against Olympics rebroadcast ... 'special case'

1. [+2105, -160] The Olympics craze really just isn't the same anymore ㅋㅋ

2. [+1513, -149] I switched channels yesterday because the athletes weren't doing well

3. [+1355, -137] Everyone got eliminated so early in the Olympics;;

4. [+1241, -133] It's true that interest dropped after the athletes were out at the early stages... Of course the athletes trained hard and put their everything for those 4 years, but the reality is, the viewers just want to cheer for the medals..

5. [+864, -196] TBH, interest for the Olympics is just not the same anymore. Also, Park Shinhye's character Oh Hyejung is ultra jjang, feminine, and has lots of aegyo. She's cool-headed, but warm-hearted at the same time, acts like she doesn't care, but actually takes care of others, she's even professional at her work.... Of course Park Shinhye's character shines more because she's so pretty and such a good actress, but I think Yoo Hyejung is seriously the ideal woman

6. [+254, -39] BS to it being a 'special case'... the ratings rose by 1.3%... The ratings were from the already loyal viewers watching after the holidays... It has nothing to do with the Olympics... What a stupid article... trashy journalists just won't leave a successful drama alone..

7. [+247, -43] People are watching because it's 'Doctors'... Why would people insist on watching a boring drama just because the Olympics rebroadcast is on? They would rather watch cable then... I hate this article

8. [+200, 29] Congrats to Doctors for the 21.3% viewer ratings.

9. [+204, -35] Even last week, the ratings were high despite it being the holidays, so it's not so much a 'special case'. It's thanks to Park Shinhye and Kim Raewon's acting!! The recent episodes were so emotional so I knew the viewer ratings were going to rise ㅎㅎ

10. [+191, -31] Loyal viewers will watch whatever the occasion~ Excited for today's episode~

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