Tuesday, August 9, 2016

BLACKPINK tops the charts

[Naver: Ilgan Sports] "Records not even achieved by their seniors"... BLACKPINK the first kpop group to rank #1 on iTunes and Worldwide charts

1. [+2493, -222] Don't rot away like iKON and Winner and promote a lot

2. [+1833, -195] Whistle whistle whistle, whistle whistle whistle

3. [+1377, -201] Whistle. Uung.

4. [+1334, -230] Expected from YG! BlackPink will become daebak! I want to see iKON and Winner frequently too

5. [+1064, -206] Let's go BP!!!!

6. [+153, -20] If only YG supports iKON, Winner, or BlackPink fully and doesn't filter broadcast appearances and let them promote everywhere, they will be so much more popular. It's a shame that they can't reach their full potential.

7. [+230, -48] YG's girl group after 7 years, loving their songs!! Hope to see good songs as a result of their hard work and practice! I'm sure there will be bumps down the road, but I hope to see them promote well! I'll be supporting you, hwaiting!!

8. [+244, -53] I like Boombayah~ The beat is crazy good. I think their stage performances will be killer

9. [+282, -67] All 4 are so pretty that my eyes were happy watching the MV

10. [+168, -29] The song's great and the members are pretty and charming. Don't rot away and participate in a lot of music programs, so your fans will increase. The Youtube views for both MVs surpass 4M so I think the reaction is positive

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