Saturday, June 18, 2016

Was Sanchez the victim of evil editing on 'SMTM5'?

[Naver: Ilgan Sports] Sanchez "evil editing" vs 'SMTM5' "there was no distortion"

1. [+4291, -398] I'm sure there was some evil editing involved, but Sanchez kept wanting a different track, a faster track, and kept asking for changes and stuff so of course Gil would get fed up. Gil is the producer, he wasn't there to sell tracks

2. [+3432, -228] Gil wanted to establish a distinct color and at least cultivate someone in his team as a winner candidate but everyone wanted to do something they were good at so of course he got mad

3. [+3097, -263] Come on... that still wasn't right of Sanchez...

4. [+2592, -238] He said he didn't mess up his verse when he did and his expression when he was lying was so awkward. Was that shameless expression of his part of evil editing too then?

5. [+2105, -217] Wasn't that more of an angelic editing though? Everything was wrapped up nicely when Sanchez got eliminated. He even lied about not messing up his verse.
- In every cut, Gil was in different positions. They didn't have anyone that had particularly bad impressions so it's obvious they used Sanchez and Seo Chul Goo. How could you still be baited by this show ㅎ
- Look at Sanchez's Instagram, he explained the whole situation. I don't know why he lied about not messing up his lyrics, but for the rest, the editing was what made him look weird

6. [+721, -44] Those were all words that came from Sanchez's mouth. The biggest victim was Seo Chul Goo though ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I realized what evil editing was when it kept cutting to Seo Chul Goo's bad expressions when he was being compared to Killahgramz

7. [+517, -15] The Gil and Mad Clown team have no star players.... They all rap good, but it feels kind of bland?? Their individuality lacks in comparison to Hash Swan, Junoflo, and Killagramz... I'm a fan of Gil&Mad but it's such a shame....

8. [+525, -21] What Gil said was really cool. He knows the reason his team is last is because they have no definite color. It's cool that he knows that and acknowledges it

9. [+425, -11] The Gil and Mad Clown team is going to get eliminated fast. They have no star players.

10. [+553, -20] Boi B is underrated...

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