Friday, June 17, 2016

SM experimenting with EDM in songs

[Naver: OSEN] SM's long EDM history.. 'taking the risk was worth it'

1. [+3790, -179] The best thing SM has ever done was leaving Toilet Yoochun

2. [+2887, -121] Luna and Tiffany's songs are refined and sound good, but the rankings were a shame. I still want to applaud SM for trying new things.

3. [+2421, -108] Yeah, this is good and all, but bring back pop ballads like Fly to the Sky or lyrical melodies like what SES had.

4. [+2433, -150] 4walls was seriously well made. The song and dance was the shit

5. [+1479, -57] Bring back some of BoA's old feel too

6. [+289, -21] Time to throw away Kangin soon too, SM

7. [+313, -34] They might not be doing well on the charts, but it's happy on the ears. There are so many albums like this. Especially Luna's 'Free Somebody', Tiffany's 'I Just Wanna Dance (Remix)', Amber x Luna x rehab Wave are good. I think part of SM's secret in staying as one of the top 3 companies is by introducing new music like this through SM station or through solo albums

8. [+245, -15] They're actually the company that takes the most risks and tries new things

9. [+279, -33] Honestly, f(x)'s 4walls is a freaking masterpiece. The sound and class is different

10. [+261, -34] I do love Luna's song, but seeing how it didn't get popular, EDM is not for Korea..

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