Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Miss A's Fei preparing for her solo album

[Naver: OSEN]  (Exclusive) Miss A's Fei to go solo.. continuing JYP's custom

1. [+1897, -83] JYP is really doing their job these days

2. [+1635, -79] I personally like Fei's looks among Miss A and her sexiness. I hope she succeeds~

3. [+1269,- 110] Fei is so pretty! I hope she gets popular!!

4. [+1052, -86] What's wrong with JYP. They're on a roll ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+589,- 35] I hope she comes out with a smooth song like Sunmi's '24 Hours'~

6. [+211, -16] If Fei comes out with a Sunmi feel then she'll 100% rise

7. [+176, -13] I felt like they were pushing Fei during the beginning of Miss A but maybe it was because she was Chinese that her charms weren't recognized that she couldn't get popular. She's really pretty and kind of has a Park Jiyoon feel to her as well.. I hope she gets really popular through this!!

8. [+159, -12] JYP always picks good songs so I'm looking forward to it

9. [+145, -9] I'm really liking JYP these days. Please don't become only about money like other companies and support your artists well!!

10. [+148, -12] Fei~ Looking forward to it and supporting it ^^

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