Wednesday, June 8, 2016

EXO makes an all-kill on the charts with comeback album EX'ACT

[Naver: OSEN] EXO's comeback makes an all-kill on the digital charts + first in iTunes in 7 countries

1. [+2177, -354] The Monster choreo seems so strenuous and synchronized so I hope they have a safe promotion.... and don't skip meals...

2. [+1902, -355] Let's make this the fourth million seller and aim for the Daesang

3. [+1463, -262 Expected from EXO!!!!!!!

4. [+1418, -273] EXO, let's love!! Hit daebak~~

5. [+1282, -262] Don't get hurt doing the Exact promotions and let's walk on a flower path ♥

6. [+287, -38] The fans are amazing. It feels like once the digital single came out, they all streamed it. They all have this passionate attitude. DBSK and Suju had a large fan base too, and although they had a lot of physical sales, their digital ranking was a bit lacking because not a lot streamed it. On every EXO topic before the release, there were so many comments about getting ready to stream

7. [+341, -59] I personally love Heaven. I listened to the intro and I almost died

8. [+315, -51] It's cool how it ranked first overseas as soon as it got released

9. [+258, -34] The album is daebak and has a mysterious feel to it. The choreo is so precise and synchronized too. The performance is daebak.

10. [+362, -72] Seriously though, this comeback is freaking amazing. They continue to exceed expectations

[Naver: OSEN] EXO on their 'all-kill', "We don't think of placing first as something to be expected.. we will return the favor through our performances"

1. [+787, -148] Fighting on EXO's third album!! The choreo seemed so hardcore so take care of your body guys~~!

2. [+684, -122] Nothing is expected in this world, but with effort, you can make it happen! Let's hit daebak EX'ACT

3. [+547, -101] Congrats on the comeback! EXO fighting!

4. [+510, -90] The dance is so cool ㄷㄷㄷ Expected from EXO

5. [+489, -94] Their humble attitude is cool to see. The songs are good.

6. [+104, -20] The performance left a big impression

7. [+110, -23] So humble and talks so nicely...

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