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Dispatch: Director Hong Sangsoo and Kim Minhee

On September 28, 2015, Director Hong Sangsoo's wife, A, watched 'Right Now, Wrong Then'. A felt like Jung Jaeyoung in the movie was Hong Sangsoo. Jung Jaeyoung's lines felt like Hong Sangsoo.

"I think I'm in love. I want to marry, but I don't think I can. You see, I'm already married. I have two kids." (Jung Jaeyoung's lines)

Hong Sangsoo and his wife always mention that they have 'two kids'. They actually have one daughter but they think of their pet as their son. They raised their pet for 13 years already.

Furthermore, Hong Sangsoo's brother-in-law is an artist.

"I think artists are more inclined. My brother-in-law is an artist and I think it's really true." (Jung Jaeyoung's lines)

"You're so pretty. I love you because you're so pretty. Thank you for making me feel this way. I'll treasure it forever." (Jung Jaeyoung's lines)

A viewer asked Hong Sangsoo what's on his mind these days at a panel on September 29, 2015.

"It's okay to die. Let's not worry....Loving is more important than being scared. I think about that a lot." (Hong Sangsoo)

A watched over this event on the Internet. Her apprehension turned into certainty. She reassured herself that it was just his artistic thinking.

On the dawn of September 30th, Hong Sangsoo left the house after receiving a text. 9 months passed without him coming back.

"A and the daughter grabbed Director Hong's arm. They asked what what was going on. Director Hong said....'I have someone I love. I want to start a family with her." (A's family)

Director Hong Sangsoo (56) and Kim Minhee (34) with an age gap of 22 years fell in love. The two started their relationship on January of 2015 during the filming of 'Right Now, Wrong Then'. 

"I'm sure the two think they did nothing wrong. They must be in heaven right now, but the people he left behind are in hell...." (A's family) 

'Dispatch' met with a close relative of the couple, B.

B spoke without hesitation:
"They lived together for 30 years. They were the couple that everyone was jealous about. Director Hong is a family man. He was also affectionate. A was his strongest supporter. She respected him as a director and loved him as a husband." 

Director Hong confessed to his daughter first that he had another woman. 

"Dad has another woman. That woman gave me courage. I'm going to live with her now." (September 30th to his daughter)

To his wife:
"A! I want to live with someone else now. You too should find another man." (September 30th to his wife)

Director Hong Sangsoo used work as an excuse for his one month absence from home on February 2015. 

"For filming in Seoul, a dorm isn't used. However, he got a guesthouse. He said because there were a lot of overnight shootings, he needed a place to rest with his staff...." (B)

However, Director Hong was lying. 

Last July, Director Hong Sangsoo's mother passed away. Kim Minhee came to her mortuary. She stayed for a long time and went back.

Director Hong Sangsoo would acknowledge A as a dutiful daughter-in-law. Even as the youngest daughter-in-law, she took responsibility for her father-in-law's memorial service since 1992, even until this year, when Director Hong left home. A also did her best in taking care of her mother-in-law for the past four years who had Alzheimer's. 

"A did her best for her mother-in-law. Director Hong and his family would know. But Kim Minhee came. It was an uncomfortable situation." (B)

On September 30th, 2015, Director Hong Sangsoo left home.

A went to Kim Minhee's house late October and asked about the situation. 

"You should've managed your husband better." (Kim Minhee)

"Look here, what's with your old fashioned remark?" (A)

At that time, Kim Minhee's parents came.

"Mom, this woman is out of her mind. Don't listen to her." (Kim Minhee)

A and Kim Minhee's mother had a long conversation. She promised that she would put her daughter and Director Hong in their right place and that he will be returned to his family.

However, there was no solution.

On February 2016, the two even worked on a new movie together. It was for 'Right Now 2'. 

The two both went to Cannes as well on May. Director Hong Sangsoo was filming a new movie there and Kim Minhee participated. They also both went to the press conference for 'The Handmaiden'. 

A talked to Director Hong after nine months.

"Sangsoo-ssi, is divorce the only way?" (A)

"If you did, that would be good for us. 30 years is a long time. I want to live with someone else now." (Hong Sangsoo)

This is the last scene in 'Right Now, Wrong Then'. Snow falls as Jung Jaeyoung and Kim Minhee parts ways. 

"On the last day of shoot, snow came. Director Hong called it a miracle and was excited. It seems like the 'miracle' he said had more meaning to it." (B)

Hong Sangsoo and Kim Minhee reversed the movie ending. They are living the reality that didn't happen in the movie. 

"Innocent love that needs no conditions? They were...ill fated, nothing less and nothing more than that." (B)


[Naver: Dispatch] (Exclusive) Director Hong Sangsoo and Kim Minhee's affair...

(Minor parts were excluded but I translated most of it)

1. [+31,574, -767] Seeing how the family got involved, there's no denying it. They both should just retire from the entertainment industry.

2. [+28,535, -544] This is unbelievable. The entertainment industry is an utter mess.

3. [+24,170, -500] I don't like Dispatch but this was so refreshing

4. [+17,023, -277] You should've managed your husband better..... I can really get a feel for her character with that one line

5. [+17,425, -479] Kyah Dispatch at it again.... ㄷㄷ

6. [+9424, -208] The wife that wants to save her family. The husband that wants to move on since it's already been 30 years. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Director Hong and Kim Minhee are really showing the results of a country that abolished adultery as a crime. Ha, I didn't see Kim Minhee that way but she's trash. I hope to never see her on the screen again. The same goes for Hong Sangsoo.

7. [+8855, -123] You should've managed your husband better?? His standards is much lower than I thought. tsktsk

8. [+8077, -131] Kim Minhee is no joke, huh... She must be a keen watcher of makjang dramas

9. [+7957, -146] I hope we don't have to see Kim Minhee again. She's just gross.

10. [+7320, -110] She told her to manage her husband better ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Kim Minhee's seriously so gross

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