Sunday, May 8, 2016

Next 'Reply' edition planned to air in 2017

[Naver: Sports Dongah] (Exclusive) Next 'Reply' edition to air next year... confirmed by PD Shin Wonho and staff

1. [+6426, -146] The Sung Dongil and Lee Ilhwa couple will participate, right?

2. [+4300, -169] I can hear the sounds of the husband search hell gates opening

3. [+3802, -204] Didn't the answer come out already. I think it's going to be set during the 2002 World Cups...

4. [+2748, -156] For the 2002 edition, can they do a wife search

5. [+1827, -39] Please cast well!

6. [+362, -5] The auditions will be a total battlefield

7. [+399, -35] We don't need a husband search. Just show us lovey dovey dating scenes, please

8. [+357, -30] People worried about not being able to relate to the 1988 one but PD Shin worked his magic. Watching it next year trusting him!^^

9. [+322, -35] I hope it can be a heartwarming drama like Reply 1988~

10. [+294, -29] I wonder what new actors will get recognized? I'm more curious about that than the husband search

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