Sunday, May 8, 2016

Jessi speaks out about others impersonating her

[Naver: Herald Pop] Jessi: "People who impersonate me don't sound like me at all, I hope it stops" (pictorial)

1. [+2734, -302] She's so good at criticizing others but she doesn't like it when the tables are turned

2. [+2004, -143] What's so bad about that? Why stop people from doing it?

3. [+1469, -60] "Listen up midget!!!"

4. [+1476, -117] Isn't it about time for her Korean to be decent??

5. [+1207, -96] It screams to be impersonated tho, too bad ㅋㅋ

6. [+377, -17] The moment celebrities order the public what to do and not do, they become unlikeable.. I don't get why she's acting so tough, she just seems rude. She looks like she's forcing herself to act respectable when she doesn't really want to

7. [+314, -20] She should be thankful others are impersonating her. That's how she got this far...

8. [+276, -26] We don't want to see you either, acting all tough with your poor Korean

9. [+260, -26] I'm sorry but they do sound the same...

10. [+224, -15] If they stop, then you're done for ㅎㅎ Be thankful while your spotlight lasts

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