Friday, May 6, 2016

Digital charts: Crush, Twice, Akdong Musician

[Naver: 10 Asia] New digital monster Crush, a threat to Twice and Akdong Musician

1. [+1478, -96] He isn't a new digital monster, he's already been a digital monster

2. [+887, -38] I feel like the market is changing so fast these days. As soon as a digital is released, it swiftly tops the charts and then begins to make its way down, until it's completely dropped.... and it makes its way out of your memory as well... If I think about the songs that came out last year, nothing comes to my mind...

3. [+811, -63] I already expected such results from AkMu but I never would've thought Twice would hold their spot on the charts for so long. Is this the return of JYP?

4. [+641, -58] Everyone's listening to it out of curiosity because it's a new digital single. The problem lies with how long it holds its spot

5. [+650, -151] AkMu is still the superior one tho

6. [+83, -11] Twice is so amazing.... They're not losing both in physical or digital.... They're going to become a girl group with the biggest fandom following SNSD

7. [+68, -10] Why would he release a physical just to top the charts? It's because he's passionate about music. Crush doesn't get influenced by the results and continues to do the music he wants to do. I'm jealous of his lifestyle and respect him so much because of that. Hwaiting

8. [+85, -18] Lee Hi's initial concept was good and so was AkMu's first album as well ㅠ I don't know if it's YG's style or something but I don't like that jazz pop kind of thing going on.... It's only the singers that are different, but they're all singing the same type of songs

9. [+74, -15] YG isn't doing so well on the charts. People are getting sick of that unique style now. There needs to be a change.

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