Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Akdong Musician and I.O.I to both start their offline promotions

[Naver: Herald Pop] Akdong Musician vs IOI will battle it out offline today (5th)

1. [+4096, -190] AkMu ^~^ Their song is so good

2. [+3811, -183] IOI needs to burn down their agency. They gathered these kids just to make such a crappy song

3. [+4093, -289] AkMu already won in terms of music, what battle?

4. [+1798, -111] I don't see it as a battle because both teams are in different genres

5. [+1195, -108] Hwaiting to both of them...!

6. [+359, -11] No point in comparing to-be legends AkMu and upcoming debuts IOI. It doesn't look good for IOI, who are fresh rookies, butting heads with AkMu who already has a strong fan base. The only ones that see worth in these kinds of articles are trashy journalists

7. [+263, -15] Are you trying to start a fan war this early in the morning?

8. [+253, -25] Don't write these kinds of articles;;;

9. [+209, -16] Stop adding in the "vs". Hwaiting to both teams!

10. [+210, -21] Both teams have prepared hard. Journalists are just trying to create competition on purpose.. AkMu and IOI fans can support both teams and they can work hard!

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