Thursday, April 7, 2016

The 7 years girl group jinx

[Naver: Herald Kyungjae] What's the 7 year girl group jinx? 

1. [+397, -42] Singers depend on their songs, of course. They get forgotten if they don't have good songs

2. [+327, -25] Wonder Girls, Kara, and Soshi have already passed it. After School and Secret are declining and Rainbow hasn't even gotten popular yet. f(x) had the Sulli incident and Gong Minzy left 2NE1. Only 4Minute is clean of scandals or controversies but the problem is that they're on the decline these days;;; It wasn't an exaggeration to say Hyuna was up there side by side with Suzy, but now, not so much;;;

3. [+212, -16] 2007~2010 girl group songs were better than what's released these days...

4. [+215, -33] 4Minute's contracts are ending soon, wonder what will happen

5. [+185, -25] In the beginning, idols just seemed like a seasonal business... Most get attention for their looks rather than their talent, and as time goes on, it just...

6. [+60, -1] The fandom needs to be strong for groups to last long

7. [+63, -5] No matter how trendy current girl groups are right now, they won't ever live up to those three groups... ever~~

8. [+48, -1] It used to be all about the 5 years jinx before but is it now changed to the 7 years jinx? ㅋㅋ Sigh..

9. [+49, -3] During the height of girl group popularity, viewer ratings for music programs were high. Now, forget mentioning viewer ratings, girl groups themselves don't garner the same buzz as before

10. [+62, -10] When I look at Soshi, I think about how Taeyeon finally released a solo album after 9 years. They're keeping up well for so long but they went through a lot.

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