Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jang Hyunseung leaves B2st

[Naver: Star News] 5 member B2st vs. Solo Jang Hyunseung.. What will they show?

1. [+4530, -118] I hope the 5 members do even better and shows him who's boss

2. [+3920, -93] If he was going to leave he should've done it more tastefully... He already seemed to have gone ever since he buried his face in his hat and put on a show

3. [+1910, -55] B2st hwaiting

4. [+1629, -74] Whatever happens, I'll always love B2st

5. [+1633, -88] He made the right decision~~~

6. [+609, -34] It's obvious what kind of music he's going to release... He'll work with Rado and come up with some weird 19 rated lyrics and dance in his leather pants... Let him do that all he wants, can't stop him if that's what he really wants but I don't know if it's going to work. He went with that image this whole time so I'm getting sick of it...

7. [+558, -36] Honestly, his solo has zero hope ㅋㅋ...

8. [+434, -20] I'm sure the five members will have no problems.. They're already all well known and talented

9. [+438, -24] His attitude controversy is a controversy on its own but before his leave, he had so much time to let his fans know but because the fans received the news through articles, they're all turning their backs on him. Karma.

10. [+445, -28] B2st will still do well. It's good Hyunseung left, the rest of the members got affected so much because of him

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