Wednesday, March 30, 2016

tvN to hold its own awards ceremony this year

[Naver: Ilgan Sports] (Exclusive) tvN plans to have a 'tvN awards' this year for its 10 year anniversary

1. [+1376, -17] Hul daebak... ㅠㅠ

2. [+1355, -21] If its going to include 10 years worth of projects then there's going to be a lot of nominees

3. [+890, -18] Thank you, I've been waiting  ㅜ Looking forward to the golden lineup

4. [+766, -29] 'Youngae' and 'Let's Eat' please~~~~

5. [+793, -62] Looks like 'Signal' is going to receive a bunch of awards~~!!

6. [+143, -12] Give awards to 'Reply' and 'Signal' ❤️❤️

7. [+123, -6] If you only take into account the recent works, rookie awards will go to 'Reply' and best lead actors will go to 'Signal'. I hope they acknowledge Youngae for 'Rude Youngae', Lee Sungmin for 'Misaeng', and Sung Dongil for 'Reply'.

8. [+116, -6] Can't forget about the initial drive for tvN, 'Youngae'~~~

9. [+95, -3] There are too many good works, I wonder with what standards it will go by ㅋ This is just daebak~~^^

10. [+92, -5] Sung Dongil and Lee Ilhwa acted as a couple three times so shouldn't they receive the couple award?

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