Friday, March 25, 2016

Taecyeon to enlist in the army next year

[Naver: Sports Chosun] 2PM's Taecyeon: "Enlisting in the army next year, will promote hard this year." [pictorial]

1. [+1557, -74] He deserves support for going to the army when he doesn't even have to

2. [+947, -28] He has a good personality and is always positive and bright so I bet he'll do well in the army..

3. [+772, -24] Have a good service. You raised Eddie well.

4. [+683, -61] As a fellow '88er, have strength~~~ I already served 8 years ago~~~

5. [+531, -29] Show good acting this year and I hope to see you go cooly next year

6. [+251, -10] Don't bash him. The biggest celebrity victim in this whole army issue is Ok Taecyeon. His physical examination personal info got released and he got so much hate for being directed to public service. At least he's going on active serve now

7. [+235, -8] It wasn't because of his U.S. citizenship that he couldn't serve, but because he had iron rods in his arm, a herniated disc, and bad eyesight, but he's able to go because he received treatments for them. He applied for the military 3 times and got examinations but failed. He applied again and was finally able to get an active service position which was good and amazing of him and is something he should be supported for.

8. [+197, -11] I think I saw in the 'People Are Good' documentary that he gave up his citizenship himself. He doesn't even need to serve but he even gave up his citizenship, it's so nice to see that. Hope he has a good service.

9. [+178, -8] It's not important whether you serve early or late. What really matters is that you're going on your own belief. Everyone's circumstance is different, after all

10. [+188, -14] Most U.S. citizens don't even go to the army. Ok Binggoo-ssi~ Even though you're going at a late age, I hope to see you return as an even cooler man

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