Tuesday, March 8, 2016

'Masked Singer' picked as the best variety show by 150 PDs

[Naver: 10 asia] 'Masked Singer' picked directly by 150 PDs as the best variety show, 'an honor'

1. [+1836, -103] It's really fun but can't they reduce the airtime when they reveal their faces? I switch the channel every time

2. [+1323, -38] It'll become the best program if they don't edit it so boring

3. [+1379, -66] One thing's for sure, it uncovers idols, actors, celebrities, models, etc. of their hidden singing talent. It also makes my ears happy so..

4. [+1014, -91] Can they get rid of the cringe captions though? I can't bear to watch it on TV because of it, seriously;

5. [+423, -59] In the name of love and justice congratulations. Tonight!! I will take off your mask.

6. [+133, -6] Kpop Star seems like a school play compared to Masked Singer since it airs right after..

7. [+152, -17] It's really good because there's no prejudice involved since their faces are covered

8. [+129, -12] Kim Hyungsuk was the only professional judge but adding Yoo Youngsuk and Kim Hyunchul was god sent....their comments are on point...I agree with them and the CG sometimes makes it funny....

9. [+155, -22] Be careful. A broadcasting channel will copy you.

10. [+110, -11] Masked Singer is amazing. I can't believe they beat Superman Returns.....Do even better

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