Wednesday, March 30, 2016

'God of War Zhao Yun' Yoona and Sun Xiao Xiao show off their friendship in recent pictures

[Naver: TV Report] "Kiss here" Yoona and Sun Xiao Xiao, Korean and Chinese beauties that makes eyes happy

1. [+317, -36] I wonder how it feels like to live with that face... Ah, seriously so pretty ㅠㅠㅠ

2. [+255 -36] I don't know who Sun Xiao Xiao is but she's pretty.  Yoona's pretty too.

3. [+251, -36] Yoona's eyes are always sparkly

4. [+177, -15] Starting off the day with some eye purification

5. [+132, -12] My eyes are happy.. It's nice to see them close. I hope the drama does well

6. [+69, -11] My eyes became purified after seeing Yoona unni ^^

7. [+52, -5] With looks like that, you can live however you want and get away with it but all you hear about Yoona are praises.

8. [+59, -9] Her eyes are so sparkly. I like Yoona's eyes

9. [+46, -7] Yoona is quite pretty..... The Chinese unni looks good too... How nice to see...Good~

10, [+41, -6] Wow, they're seriously both so pretty..

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