Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Battle of the Monday, Tuesday dramas on public channels

[Naver: Ten Asia] No clear winner...unifying period of the Monday and Tuesday public channels dramas

1. [+1738, -84] The fact that 'My Lawyer, Mr. Jo' has a 0.3% gap from the top viewer rating shows that it's putting up a really good fight despite the failure of the drama before it

2. [+1013, -36] I watched 'My Lawyer' on Monday but I found 'Monster' and 'Daebak' enjoyable too. I'm just stuck on which one to tune into during airing time

3. [+819, -37] Hwaiting to Daebak, Monster, and My Lawyer

4. [+830, -50] All three dramas are fun....

5. [+554, -30] Why can't they be spread out...this is how my chill Mondays gets busy....

6. [+228, -14] I'm thankful for tvN... public channels are now waking up

7. [+216, -23] The biggest bump in 'Daebak' is not Jang Geunseuk but the writer...anticlimaxes galore

8. [+217, -25] People are saying the disadvantage in 'Monster' is that it has 50 episodes, but its writer is the one behind Giant, Incarnation of Money, and History of Salaryman which is a huge advantage ㅋㅋㅋ No need for worries. ㅋ People say that the storyline's obvious with the revenge theme and whatnot, but other dramas have the typical romance plot too. The viewer ratings are looking good, so as much love as its getting, I hope Monster can return it with a satisfying ending!

9. [+237, -38] Just watch Monster's viewer ratings rise up from here on

10. [+213, -30] One vote from me that Daebak will slowly fall to last place

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