Sunday, February 21, 2016

Will Seventeen become the male version of G-Friend?

[Naver: news 1] Will Seventeen become the boy group version of G-Friend?

1. [+1960, -255] Seventeen will just succeed as Seventeen ^^ I'll be supporting them.

2. [+1570, -191] It's good and all how they self produce their own tracks, but can Pledis take care of them more ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+1294, -218] Stop writing about boy group versions....Every group has their own charms....Comparisons aren't good. Seventeen also has their own charms and I believe that they will do well through that!

4. [+1027, -199] I hope Seventeen only has good things to come ㅠㅠ I love you my Seventeen, I hope 2016 will be a year filled with more success ♡♡

5. [+831, -185] I like how Seventeen self produce their own songs but why doesn't their company make any songs for them?

6. [+179, -12] The title is wrong... Seventeen is Seventeen and G-Friend is G-Friend

7. [+189, -12] Seventeen really is a talented group

8. [+159, -15] This group has a lot of good tracks. I friggin love 'When I Grow Up'

9. [+136, -9] They're a rookie but perform so well! Despite being a rookie, they held a concert and I have a feeling they're going to be big

10. [+130, -7] What do you mean they're the male version of G-Friend ㅋㅋ Seventeen will do well as Seventeen so instead of wording it like this just write about how they'll do well.

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