Thursday, February 11, 2016

Will 'Remember' have a happy ending?

[Naver: TV Report] 'Remember' Will Yoo Seungho be able to give us a shot of cider?

tn: Koreans use the terms 'cider' (which means soda) and 'goguma' (sweet potato). Just think of the eating experience of the two. Soda is refreshing and sweet potato is dry/kind of hard to swallow. These terms are used to describe something as being refreshing or frustrating.

For example: Her comments towards the bully when she stood up for herself was so cider = Her comment was so refreshing/satisfying/etc.


1. [+3103, -48] Let's progress the plot smoothly please. I was enjoying it yesterday but got so freaking annoyed at the trial at the end. The writer of this drama is freaking annoying too.

2. [+2308, -35] Expecting Lee In Ah and Prosecutor Tak to betray

3. [+1743, -33] Yeah, please.... It always starts off well and gets frustrating towards the end of the episodes

4. [+1328, -31] Make that a one shot of 1.5 liter of soda please

5. [+956, -34] The last episode will be cider
- You mean the last 10~20 min of the final episode

6. [+278, -9] This drama is always about the power of money, and when that fails, it ends with murder. And Jinwoo's memory always fails when it's most needed. Is the writer this incapable? It would've been just right to have ended it with 16 episodes.

7. [+241, -2] Jinwoo's Alzheimer is getting worse...So even if he won't feel right......And Jinwoo lost it's even more sad

8. [+239, -6] This drama was enjoyable in the beginning and I thought a golden drama would finally come out from a public channel, but the writer showed their limits by the 4th episode. Every time a decisive evidence is found, it's always reported back by Nam Gyuman, it's so obvious how the spies end up betraying, I wonder how Park Dongho will use the documents against Nam Ilho, and even when the traps are put, nothing good resulted from them. I only watch to see how it will all end and how this goguma progression is turning out. And what do you know, Jinwoo's Alzheimer's made a big toll on yesterday's episode.

9. [+220, -3] "The defendant has Alzheimer's"...So annoying ㅡㅡ
- The writer has Alzheimer's too

10. [+200, -5] Remember. Wednesday and Thursday, 11 PM. When Jinwoo loses his memory.

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