Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Soon to be mothers in 2016: Han Gain and Kang Sungyeon

[Naver: Sports Seoul] Han Gain and Kang Sungyeon, 2016 Year of the Monkey's happy expectant mothers are?

1. [+1654, -68] Han Gain's popularity was amazing in her prime....And Yeon Junghoon still gets hate to this day

2. [+1432, -55] Wow, they're born and their mom is Jun Jihyun or Han Gain....

3. [+827, -49]  Han Gain's husband got so much hate back then but other husbands didn't
- It's more so because Han Gain got married so early. I think she married when she was 24?...
- And he left to the army right after they married ㅋㅋ He just garnered more hate
- Yeon Junghoon married Han Gain when she was 24 and left to the army right after ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's true that he is a thief
- I mean, Han Gain was a rising star when she suddenly married.. and her beauty was off the charts then as well ㅋㅋ

4. [+714, -37] The biggest blessing is bringing life into the world....I hope they live a happy life as a family~~~~

5. [+445, -27] My friend was induced yesterday, I hope she has an easy delivery...

6. [+119, -4] Seriously congrats to Han Gain. I'm sure she's been waiting for this moment.

7. [+121, -5] Didn't Han Gain have a miscarriage? I hope she can have her son or daughter this time around!

8. [+117, -6] Please Han Gain ㅠ Take care of your body and I hope for an easy delivery. It would be great if she could have boy girl twins while she's safely pregnant.

9. [+124, -10] Yeon Junghoon took Han Gain when she was at her most beautiful so no wonder all the guys exploded. I was one of those guys. eff you Yeon Junghoon
- But anyways, congrats. I hope it will be a safe delivery.

10. [+87, -5] Jeez, I can't believe Jun Jihyun and Han Gain are mothers~ Time flies..ㅋ

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