Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ryu Junyeol swept in Ilbe rumors

[Naver: TV Report] Ryu Junyeol's company on his Ilbe scandal: "Will make a statement after checking"

1. [+230, -34] People should always be more cautious when they're popular. Of course we don't know if he's actually an Ilbe but this does require a proper explanation. It's really such a shame if you look at it.

2. [+196, -33] Recognize that there are people like me that have no idea what this is all about. People who don't even go near Ilbe don't even know what's going on.
- No Moohyun died from falling off a cliff and had a head injury (related to word tofu) so Ilbe users frequently use those terms

3. [+282, -78 Saying he didn't know a cliff and tofu were related and that it was a mistake seems farfetched. SNS is such a waste of your life.

4. [+272, -77] It had to be a cliff and tofu out of all things... Suspicions is expected in this case

5. [+72, -14] Ilbe members are disgusting...They are forever stuck in the minds of 8th graders

6. [+56, -15]  SNS is such a waste of your life

7. [+44, -11] No matter how fair people think they are, male Ilbe celebs get more shield than females 

8. [+44, -11] No way, he can't be an Ilbe user...But I don't get why he used the word tofu in a cliff picture.. I really want to know 

9. [+58, -16]  It's still his fault for not knowing and uploading. If he really isn't an Ilbe then that's a relief....Anyways, this will require a fast feedback!

10. [+19, -3] Let us judge after he explains 

[Naver: TV Report] Ryu Junyeol: "NOT an Ilbe user, will take firm measures on malicious judgments" (official statement) 

1. [+2591, -469] It's only natural for people to be suspicious in this situation and yet he doesn't give an explanation and just wants to sue?

2. [+2361 -395] Ilbe users post stuff about cliffs and going on tofu errands....It's too similar

3. [+2105, -313] He should've explained why he used the term 'tofu errand' in the first place...lol at taking firm measures ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

4. [+1373, -198] Why would he joke about going on a tofu errand while rock climbing..ㅋㅋ  Makes no sense 

5. [+1020, -132] At the way he's dealing with this, it seems like he'll be gone in a flash..

6. [+887, -97] I mean, it wouldn't be weird if he uploaded a pic as if he was really going on a tofu errand but why did he have to turn the pic 90 degrees as if it looked like he was rock climbing and why did he caption it as going on a tofu errand. I don't get it.

7. [+982, -134] Ilbe users don't admit they're Ilbe... Something really does seem off though.. Why did he have to post that kind of pic

8. [+883, -115] Geez, he's not explaining anything and just shutting up people

9. [+839, -102] There wouldn't be a scandal in the first place if he just uploaded a pic of tofu or of a cliff but since this pic has both those factors, you can't help but be suspicious. I liked him in reply 1988 so I hope he can give a proper feedback on this. The situation doesn't seem that good right now and there is no way he'll be looked the same after being associated with the Ilbe community

10. [+697 -57] I really hate Ilbe....

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