Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ryu Junyeol explains the content of his caption and clarifies he's not an Ilbe user

[Naver: M Herald Pop] Ryu Junyeol personally clarifies "I'm definitely not an Ilbe user"

"I went hiking. At the time, my friend wrote 'Going to work' or a picture of him rock climbing and I thought it was funny. I take a lot of pictures and I just borrowed my friend's caption for this particular picture I uploaded on my SNS. I used to run a lot of errands for my mom, buying bean sprouts and tofu. The tofu part came from the part where I would run errands for her. I'm not an Ilbe user..."


1. [+28,336, -5085] It's really scary how we're actually witnessing his movie 'Socialphobia' come to life. Just moments ago, everyone turned a blind eye and instantly framed him as an Ilbe user. It's ironic how he actually acted in that movie when he was a rookie. People will still label him as an Ilbe despite his clarifications. I guess now whenever you upload pictures or have a conversation, you have to be wary if it has to do with Ilbe. Seriuosly scary.

2. [+25,885, 4781] People who kept up with actor Ryu all this time wouldn't have believed this controversy at all. I trust actor Ryu.

3. [21,332, -3830] Have strength actor Ryu Junyeol-nim

4. [+17,9090, -3346] Have strength Ryu Junyeol and hwaiting!

5. [+15,885, -3183] Hakuna matata actor Ryu!

6. [+8710, -1336]  I found out today that the word 'tofu' had to do with Ilbe. Who's going to have a peace of mind buying tofu now. Why do we have to act cautious in our word choices because of these Ilbe kids

7. [+5654, -464] Ilbe is seriously the trashiest site. Ilbe is considered conservative??? You can tell how trashy the site is just by reading a few of the most popular posts.

8. [+5412, -580] ??? Tofu was an Ilbe term ???

9. [+6027, -872] What's wrong with tofu?? Isn't tofu just tofu??? How would non-Ilbe users know that was an Ilbe term??? Isn't knowing the Ilbe meaning of tofu the actual Ilbe users?? If he knew the meaning, wouldn't that make him more of an Ilbe user?? I guess other people see things differently. What a surprising world we live in. How would people know how other people interpret certain words, geez

10. [+6057, -958] To a non-Ilbe user like me, tofu is merely a side dish that is made out of beans in the shape of a cube with a savory taste that gives you protein.......The people who relate every word to Ilbe are the funny ones

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