Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rainbow comebacks with 'Whoo' on M Countdown

[Naver: e News 24] (M Countdown Performance Video) Rainbow comebacks with 'Whoo'...fresh and sexy

1. [+826, -20] If only they got popular with A or Mach....

2. [+729, -26] Wow...legendary visuals...but is their company stupid. Why pick a song like that?

3. [+568, -35] This time as well...the song

4. [+421, -21] This song won't work as the title track.....

5. [+322, -21] The song is too weak....But I'm liking it after the 5th listen~~

6. [+200, -4] Ah...With those members and with that song....The company is their anti

7. [+202, -9] I support them so much but the song is lacking. A song like 'A' that's catchy and strong suits them more~!

8. [+218, -29] At this point, I'm so mad at the company. Look at Jaekyung. She's a natural beauty that doesn't lose to and can arguably be called better looking when with Han Yeseul... Frick... I was cursing at JYP at how they forced such a young kid like Tzuyu to stoop so low and apologize but this company is even worse

9. [+152, -8] Sigh, this time as well.....the choreo... and the song too...

10. [+132, -5] Sigh....This song is hopeless as well. 'A' was their best song.

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