Wednesday, February 3, 2016

[Instiz] Physiognomy for women: Signs you're easily tempted

유혹에 약한 여자관상.jpg | 인스티즈

You are a player!

These kinds of women fall into temptation easily!!

Women with especially small and round lips

These kinds of women are really good at and like doing skinship.

Women with small ears

Women with this physical feature fall into temptation easily.
On one hand, many people say she's a good person, 
but she doesn't know how to say no to requests 
and has a higher chance in two timing. 

Women with small and high noses

This physical feature shows that they get lonely a lot.
Even though they're in a relationship, 
they still get lonely and look for other people.

Women with round eyes

Women with this physical feature always have a lot of people around her.
This results in more temptation.
This leads to a higher chance in cheating. 

Women with little eyebrow hair

These kinds of women want attention and enjoy dolling themselves up.
Because this physical feature shows that they're glamorous and know how to have fun, 
they're bound to meet lots of men.

[Instiz] Women who fall into temptation easily.jpg

- ..This is me tho..?

- I have no eyebrows but I'm a loser tho...

- You're a player if you have round eyes.....? That's new

- I have all those features but no one is tempting me^^....

- Now I now why I'm so easily food 

- Nothing applies to me so I guess staying forever alone was meant to be

- They all apply to me....but the reality is....ha....

- Who cares if they apply to me..where the guys at.. ㅋ

- Hul, the first picture looks just like my friend....goosebumps...

- Nothing applies to me... ㅋ

- Everything is me except for round eyes....but where's the guys at^^

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