Tuesday, February 2, 2016

G-Friend ranks in the top 10 of Billboard's World Albums Chart

[Naver: Illgan Sports] G-Friend ranks TOP10 in Billboard's World Albums Chart, 'only girl group'

1. [+867, -110] I wasn't able to tell you but I liked you

2. [+667, -101] Their song is nice. Their choreo is interesting and their song is catchy so I keep watching their performances

3. [+536, -105] Their song is nice, it's really catchy

4. [+411, -77] Wow, daebak! Keep doing well G-Friend!

5. [+392, -90] They're still a rookie, how amazing of them...!

6. [+72, -10] Even though it's not the main stream music chart, it's hard to rank in the Billboards in the first place

7. [+85, -19] This group doesn't really feel like celebrities, they have a familiar and friendly feel to them so I want to support them. They feel like my dongsaengs

8. [+78, -17] So amazing of them when they're this young. I hope they continue to do well

9. [+63, -14] Their title song is nice but their other tracks are good too

10. [+33, -4] G-Friend's management needs to get an award

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