Saturday, February 6, 2016

Drama focus: 'Signal'

[Naver: No Cut News] 'Signal', a comfort to Korea's society..."We are connected"

1. [+5574, -104] It's better than Reply my opinion

2. [+3726, -95] After watching Signal, I don't know if it's because investigators aren't doing their job properly of if the criminals are geniuses, but Korea has so many unsolved cases and evidence becomes unusable quickly. Dramas and moves always show police as incompetent and weak under those with power and how cases are buried with money. There's some truth to this. I'm sure some parts are exaggerations, but I hope the criminals are caught and tortured even in a fictional setting.

3. [+3481, -49] There's no one that sucks at acting...this is what you call a drama

4. [+2988, -40] It feels like you're watching a movie

5. [+2255, -22] It's a drama that I look keep looking forward to

6. [+578, -7] I have to run to use the restroom only when the 60 second commercial break comes on ㅋ

7. [+578, -7] This drama was half pre filmed so shooting is almost wrapping up....So they didn't need to change the plot according to the viewers....and the staff doesn't have to suffer....It won't end up like Reply 1988 where the original script gets changed. Overall, it's the best drama!!

8. [+445, -5] This drama's class is different. Even the extras act so well....seriously.....I always find myself sucked in from their amazing acting~ It's so fun~~ ㅋ

9. [+422, -13] This drama stole my heart in the first episode and by the 4th episode, it totally won me over. It's a must watch.

10. [+357, -3] This is like a movie. The quality though ㄷㄷ

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