Sunday, January 10, 2016

Suzy expresses her feelings on being recognized for her talent as a singer

[Naver: OSEN] Suzy's reps: "She's happy that she's being recognized for her talent as a singer"

1. [+1894, -313] Suzy's voice is so nice and she sings so well. The duet is a match made in heaven

2. [+1691, -313] She's the best singer out of the visual idol members. Her voice is just good.

3. [+1173, -255] Heart fluttering girl vocal color 

4. [+805, -185] Her vocal color is smooth and nice. I wish she can sing a lullaby.

5. [+781, -193] I hope her new drama does well too 

6. [+132, -19] I'm Suzy's fan, but Baekhyun's voice is really nice too. I can't help but keep listening because both of their voices are so sweet and nice. I don't get sick of the song. What a good start to 2016! Hit daebak Suzy and Baekhyun~

7. [+135, -22] I loved it when she sang a duet with Jung Seunghwan in K-Pop Star too... I didn't expect much, but I was surprised by how well she sang

8. [+250, -62] I know right...Visual members in other groups are usually just pretty rather than good singers, but Suzy has both the talent and the looks...

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