Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Short haired actresses

Go Joonhee

Park Sodam

Yoo Inyoung

Moon Chaewon

Oh Yeonseo

Lee Jiah

Kim Taehee

[Naver: Sports Seoul] Kim Taehee, Lee Youngae, Go Jooonhee, Moon Chaewon, 'Bob + Short cut beauties golden era'

1. [+5299, -192] Who the heck did Moon Chaewon's hair

2. [+3900, -128] Moon Chaewon looks prettier with long hair...That hairstyle makes it look like her hair is thinning. I saw her in a movie with long hair and I had a heart attack by how pretty she looked.

3. [+3541, -122] Short hair suits Go Joonhee the best~~^^

4. [+2525, -130] I don't get why Moon Chaewon cut her hair....

5. [+2174, -87] They all look pretty but it suits Go Joonhee the best

6. [+451, -11] Lee Jiah-ssi straight up looks like a guy ㅜㅜ

7. [+357, -11] I thought Lee Jiah was Kwanghee for a minute....

8. [+303, -9] Lee Jiah just looks like a guy

9. [+248, -10] Yoo Inyoung looks really fancy

10. [+261, -23] I thought Moon Chaewon's hair was bad but Yoo Inyoung's hair is worse... Yoo Inyoung is amazing for being able to fit that hair

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