Saturday, January 23, 2016

San E and G.Soul collaborating for single releasing in February

[Naver: Star News] (Exclusive) JYP x Brand New is getting together...San E and G.Soul special collaboration

1. [+1303, -14] Seems like San E has a really good relationship with JYP. He even collaborated with Baek Yerin too.

2. [+1069, -16] Even though San E left JYP, they still seem close. When San E was making his speech for the award he won in MAMA, he named JYP as someone he respects and said that JYP was the one who unearthed his talents when he was nameless and nurtured his skills.... Seeing how they even shot a program together shows that they're still close despite his departure

3. [+803, -21] It's nice to see San E and JYP maintaining a good relationship

4. [+672, -15] I hope JYP drives away all the bad luck this year, hwaiting

5. [+425, -21] Honestly, out of the 3 big companies, JYP seems the cleanest and the most tight-knit

6. [+136, -1] Please get popular G.Soul. His voice is daebak...

7. [+124, -2] Oh, I like G.Soul. Really looking forward to the collaboration.

8. [+130, -10] Even the singers that leave JYP maintain a good relationship, unlike certain others.

9. [+105, -2] Honestly, it's impossible not to have dissatisfaction with the company you work in. It even happens with families so it's natural for you to have complaints with the people you work with since you're just business partners. But I feel like when you move companies, you realize that it wasn't such a bad place after all ㅋㅋ

10. [+97, -3] San E is on a roll with collaborations with his former company

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