Monday, January 25, 2016

Kim Yoojung shows off a more mature side in pictorial

[Naver: Sports Dongah] 'I'm 18 years old' Kim Yoojung's dual charms

1. [+3459, -197] That aura and those looks at her age ㄷㄷㄷ You look pretty Yoojung~!!

2. [+2980, -403] She's at the top amongst current child actors. Her aura though ㄷㄷ

3. [+1882, -152] Her aura is the best. She's so pretty ㅠㅠ

4. [+1340, -122] It seems like yesterday when I watched Haeundae. She grew up so well and pretty.

5. [+1172, -145] She's so pretty.... ㅎ

6. [+164, -12] Stop labeling her and Kim Sohyun as rivals and just look at them as same aged best friends instead. I hope she can keep growing up this pretty...

7. [+61, -1] She still seemed like a kid in Moon that Embraces the Sun but Yeo Jingoo is already an adult now and she's 18 years old. Time flies.

8. [+69, -7] You can't take pictures that fit you when you're a young girl even if you wanted to when you get older so I hope she can take more fresh looking pictures.

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